Have you been putting off making a budget because you're not exactly sure where to start?

Or is the idea of doing a budget a little bit too scary that it might reveal some hard truths?

These are our top 5 reasons why it’s imperative you sit down and do a budget (if you haven’t already).


A budget will help you remove any wasteful spending. Did you know that by finding just $15 a day, you can save over $5,000 every year? If you then took that money and applied it to your mortgage as an extra repayment, that could save you over $88,000 in interest over seven years on your mortgage.


Secondly, it will give you peace of mind. Building a financial buffer and having an emergency fund in place in case something does go wrong, will help you sleep much easier at night, knowing that you can get through any hiccups that come along the way.


Thirdly, a budget will help you control any impulse spending. Sitting down and working out how much you’re going to spend before you go to the shops will stop you from purchasing any unnecessary items.


Fourthly, a budget helps us stay on track. It holds us accountable to our long-term financial goals, meaning that we have a much higher chance of reaching them.


And finally, if everyone in your family has contributed to doing a budget, you’re on the same page. Everyone knows how much is going to be spent on which items, which removes any tension that might exist over money.