Five things a property lawyer can help you with in any conveyancing matter.


The first one, and probably the most important, is pre-contract negotiations. This involves having a lawyer look at the contract before you sign it to make sure that the contract reflects the agreement between the parties, and also, if relevant, insert any special conditions that may further protect your interests.


The second one is making sure that you meet your contractual obligations under the contract. In Queensland, there are about 34 different Acts that are relevant in any property transaction. A conveyancer will make sure that you meet your obligations and also make sure that the relevant parties are advised about building and pest inspections, finance, payment of deposit, and, of course, settlement.


The third thing is preparing all the necessary paperwork. There are legal documents that need to be prepared to transfer the property as well as making sure that all searches are done to identify any issues that can’t be seen from a physical inspection of the property. Not only do conveyancers prepare documents on your behalf, but they also review the documents from any banks, or financial institutions, to make sure there are no issues at settlement.


The fourth is tending to all financial details. Prior to settlement, the conveyancer will make sure that the settlement figures have been prepared, including making adjustments for water, rates, and, if relevant, body corporate searches as well as organising with the real estate agent for a pre-settlement inspection of the property to make sure the property is still in order.


And finally, attending settlement. On the day of settlement, the conveyancer will prepare or conduct final searches to ensure that you receive a clean title of the property as well as deal with banks, and the other side’s solicitor, to arrange the exchange of money as well as legal documents, and, if relevant, lodging documents to ensure that the property is transferred into your name.